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Okta connects any person with any application on any device.

It’s an enterprise-grade, identity management service, built for the cloud, but compatible with many on-premises applications. With Okta, IT can manage any employee’s access to any application or device. Okta runs in the cloud, on a secure, reliable, extensively audited platform, which integrates deeply with on-premises applications, directories, and identity management systems.


● Setup a robust Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) platform
● Directory Integration with Active Directory (AD) or LDAP
● Setup HR as a master
● Complete integrated IAM service for all user types
● Securely connect to over 7,000 pre-built or custom using SAML or OIDC integrations
● API access management for B2B application integration
● Okta Access Gateway (OAG) – secure external access on-prem apps
● Advanced Server Access (ASA) – PAM/PAW privileged access
● Okta Workflows – Automate provisioning and deprovisioning processes
● Manage software license provisioning and real-time reporting
● Software development for legacy integrations
● Desktop SSO for Windows
● Data migration strategy and deployments
● UI customization
● API Access Management
● Automate Onboarding & Offboarding
● Passwordless authentication
● Biometric authentication
● Risk-based authentication
● Self Service Password Administration


● Consolidate identities to a single cloud directory
● Lower cost of ownership and IT costs
● Choose your own source of identity; HR, Active Directory etc.
● Deploy modern authentication methods
● Reduce IAM overhead by centralizing lifecycle management
● One user identity for multiple devices and applications
● Lower chances of data breaches
● Lower IT Friction and password resets
● Automate identity access and roles access to applications and services
● Centralize access contro


● Security strategy
● Security risk management
● Security design
● Cyber security consultancy
● Security testing
● Security incident management
● Security audit services